Combine your stay at Residence Sacchi with a dedicate dinner, in the full intimacy of your apartment


Cecina de Leon IGP with fried dumplings

Risotto “Motta” with Herbs and Lemon Peel

Cupid’s Cheesecake with coulis Strawberries

1 bottle of Gewürztraminer
1 bottle of Dolcetto d’Alba

Dinner for 2 persons € 70,00*

There is also the possibility to order with menu à la carte.


Also, on request, you will find at arrive:
Bouquet € 30,00
Bubbles € 30,00
Chocolates € 20,00
Fruit basket
€ 20,00

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The requalification of a lot of zones makes Turin an attractive and alternative touristic city that could be offer absorption like Artissima and Paratissima, fashionable locals, underground and multicultural.

If you are looking a romantic weekend in Turin, maybe for the Valentine’s Day, you can take advantage of a hot-air balloon tour to admire the city from above, or you can immerse yourself in to the white and black magic, choosing the Magic Turin tour.

At the Historical Museums like the Egyptian, the Royal Armey, the Resurgence Museum it adds the Cinema Museum, the GAM and a lot of other attractions like the Dentiera Sassi of Superga (create for reach the Basil of Superga by tram), the Slow Food initiative and the center streets of shopping.
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