Residence Sacchi: immediately all the security measures for the fight against COVID-19

Residence Sacchi for its customers immediately implemented a series of internal procedures to ensure a pleasant and safe stay in its apartments.


We are open and always have been! With the utmost respect for all provisions relating to the fight against COVID 19.


To speed up the check-in and check-out, it is possible to send identity documents via e-mail or WhatsApp before check-in, as well as billing data and credit card for payment.


For your protection and safety, only certified products are used. Our internal staff has been properly trained on all the necessary procedures and products.


Not a simple room! The Residence offers large apartments from 40 to 100 square meters with equipped kitchen, equipped with all comforts.


The common areas and apartments have been equipped with the latest generation of ecological ozone sanitizing devices for the sterilization of the rooms.


Scarafiotti Srl supplies the necessary linen with UNI EN 14065: 2004 certificate

Specifically, operationally the Residence Sacchi has prepared, among others, the following measures for the management of COVID 19.

  • The staff was equipped with all the necessary equipment with its DPI delivery report: masks, gloves, disinfectants, long-sleeved clothes, disposable coveralls, disposable bags for biohazardous material (intended for dirty laundry), germicidal disinfectant, products sanitizing.
  • The module for detecting the temperature of the employees has been created: the temperature is recorded daily when entering and leaving the Residence and must not exceed 37.5 degrees.
  • An Action Register has been created where the cleaning of the common areas is recorded and disinfected at least twice a day (entry / exit).
  • Daily cleaning of the apartments is carried out with certified sanitizing products with technical data sheets. In detail:

Floor and hard surfaces cleaner: Maxisan Super
Italverde bleach
Deo Sany sanitizing spray to sanitize environments

  • Particular attention is paid to surfaces such as handles, switches, remote controls, apartment keys: these are subject to further cleaning with alcohol.
  • The keys of the apartments are disinfected with alcohol and delivered to the customer in an envelope.
  • The microfiber cloths used for surfaces and floors are disinfected with alcohol before being eventually reused in another apartment.
  • In the apartments, the air conditioning filters have been cleaned and are sanitized with the SANIQUAT sanitizing product at each guest change.
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, whirlpools have been sanitized.
  • The necessary signs have been added for the clearance of people and the maximum number of people present at the reception.
  • The different areas of the hotel have been equipped with a disinfectant gel dispenser and related signs: reception (customer and operator side), lifts, changing rooms for waiters, maintenance workers, guest toilets etc.
  • The reception desk has been equipped with a crystal to separate the operator from the arriving guest. Particular attention is given to the cleaning and sanitization of the same which is carried out twice a day (at each shift change) and after each entry of a customer the door handles are sanitized; at each shift change, phones, PCs, keyboards, counters, POS and all the office materials used daily are sanitized.
  • To ensure continuous sanitization of the apartments, reception and common areas, OZONE-based ENVIRONMENTAL SANITIZERS (called DRUIDO) were purchased. These machines sanitize the environment in which they are installed and maintain sanitation over time by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms and viruses.

[The Ministry of Health with protocol No. 24482 of July 1996 has: “Recognized OZONE as a NATURAL PRESIDIUM FOR THE STERILIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTS” with use in domestic, work and health facilities.

Ozone has the property of eliminating bacteria of all kinds, deactivating viruses, eliminating allergens, especially dust and tissue mites, ozone eliminates molds and fungi of all kinds. After being produced with DRUIDO using environmental oxygen, ozone due to its triatomic nature is converted back into oxygen O2 after about 20 minutes, that is what we breathe.

For this property of ozone DRUIDO sanitizes the environment in which it is installed, eliminating all pathogenic and allergenic microorganisms (such as mites that feed on human waste such as dry skin, hair, hair, dandruff) that make quality bad of life to allergy sufferers of all kinds.

With DRUIDO the user can sanitize the bedroom and maintain its optimal state over time, eliminating allergens, insects, wood and fabric moths, any mold and environmental fungi. Or get the same result in other rooms in the house.

DRUIDO helps fight allergies, the most common of which is the mite one which is a micro-organism one tenth of a millimeter in size and which lives in poorly oxygenated environments, lives by eating slag, releases polluting manure and lays at least one egg a day. The mite in fabrics, sheets, cushions, mattresses, blankets, rugs, curtains, carpeting, sofas and wardrobes where there are recently worn clothing.
DRUIDO also destroys pests (ants, spiders, cockroaches) and their eggs.]

  • As per the guidelines, the dosage of the anti-legionella system has been increased.
  • Laundry certified by the specialized firm Scarafiotti srl.
  • Employees were given all the information necessary to prevent the risk of contamination.